About me

José Sánchez

I studied Fine Arts at Universidad de Costa Rica, where I learned about art, design and life drawing. After that I also studied at Vancouver Animation for a year where I also obtained my Concept Art Diploma.

I really enjoy working in animation and illustration because they challenge my creativity. Animation is an art type with the potential of portraying a wide variety of emotions; it has the magic to make us precise drawings as if they came to life. On the other hand, the illustration art has the power to convey complex messages or information in infinite artistic ways.

As animator I really admire the work of many people like Winsor McCay, Richard Williams, Tony White, Art Babbit, Ken Harris, Tex Avery, Ryan Larkin, Paul Driessen, Peter Lord, Osamu Tezuka and more recently the work of Don Hertzfeldt, Michael Dudok de Wit, Kunio Kato, Hayao Miyazaki, Sylvain Chomet, Ryan Woodward, John Lasseter, Brad Bird and many more.


I hope you enjoy this brief demo of my work.